Because of My Mother…

The first time I heard about the CBD was when my mom introduced it to me. She confessed that for her it felt like a ‘last resort’ kind of treatment after all others she had gone through failed miserably to eliminate the chronic pain that she was experiencing for so many years (and not without nasty side effects).

You can trust me when I say that she had gone through pretty much all approved and experimental procedures possible to treat her condition. At some point she was getting her Injections from Italy and then had to travel straight to the U.S. in order to have them administered by a specialist who, actually submitted his findings about her specific complex and serious autoimmune disorder (Lupus) to the New England Journal of Medicine for publication.

Soon afterwards I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about CBD and the more I read, the more I realized the potential and the promise. I went deep to understand the risks involved (which are minuscule btw) since it was an important and close matter to me, obviously.

The results of using CBD came soon after consumption began and they were phenomenal. Severe and chronic pain in joints all over her body were minimized to the point where she could actually get a decent 6-hour sleeping nights without having to wake up from the pain and numbness. Her body, as a result, was able to recoup better and endure daily routines that involved mild movements.

I remember accompanying her to New York in one of many trips she had to take. Flying was a nightmare back then. Swollen feet, heavy breathing, heat waves and lack of sleep were the kind of  symptoms she had to endure throughout the flight. CBD counteracted all these symptoms by  providing the natural relief that her body needed and is most familiar with via the Endocannabinoid System. This system is a complex cell-signaling system located in our brain and throughout our entire nervous systems and organs. It’s job is to regulate our internal systems’ functions and environment. It was named after the Cannabis plant to demonstrate just how interconnected we are.

Seeing with my own eyes just how substantial the improvement she was experiencing in her quality of life, made me a true believer of this miracle flower that acts as an effective remedy not only to Lupus but to countless other diseases and their harsh symptoms (Cancer and Aids to name a few).

Ever since her recovery, I find myself teaching (although It sounds more like preaching) about CBD to anyone that has grown tired of conventional medications and is open minded. By doing so, I hope to help spare unnecessary pain and give a chance for living a healthier life.



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