This surreal and terrifying period in our lives will forever hold the title “Corona days”. We will get through it as a civilization but for many of us, the loss of a close friend and/or family member will be devastating. It is our duty to investigate all aspects of this virus and other lethal strings that we have encountered throughout history in an attempt to find an antidote and prevent as many deaths as possible.

In this article I will dive into all the possible indications that CBD is capable of providing sufficient protection and treatment against viruses – while particularly emphasizing the Corona Virus (COVID-19) that we are currently struggling against.

Prevention is, of course, the most effective tool to fight such a virus, however, CBD has a positive effect on already virally infected patients by affecting the actual course of the disease and the experienced symptoms.

Numerous case studies indicate that CBD is able to reduce the vulnerability of our immune defense functions and at the same time reduce the inflammatory response to all types of viral and bacterial infections. For those who take CBD on a daily basis and are not part of the high-risk group, the symptoms of a possible viral infection (such as the Corona Virus) are mild at best and quite frankly, resemble the common flu.

It is getting increasingly clear when addressing the Corona Virus that the risk of severe illness and ultimately death increases with age. The high-risk group I mentioned earlier refers to people over the age of 60 and to those with chronic disease history that are considered to be the most vulnerable. For the population of 80 years of age and older with chronic diseases, there’s a 15% chance of dying from the Virus. Sadly enough, as we grow old our immune system gets weaker and weaker. The inevitable outcome is higher vulnerability to infections and higher difficulty to deal with viruses that can turn out to be fatal, should complications occur.

When the immune system is called upon to defend an elderly body from a virus or a bacteria, a phenomenon known as Cytokine Storm takes place quite often. A Cytokine Storm happens when the immune system over-reacts and in turn, produces too many chemicals (hormones) to fight the intruder. The ‘Storm’ refers to the severe inflammatory reaction or response from the chemicals’ overflow which has the potential to cause significant damage to essential organs instead of protecting them (see this article)

And so, ultimately, the system that was fundamentally designed to defend us in many cases from both viral and bacterial threats is now spreading the virus or the bacteria throughout our body while at the same time passing it to others as well and in the case of COVID-19, it does so at an astoundingly fast rate.

The following are the most common pre-existing medical conditions that result in death from the Corona Virus (Covid-19) according to Hassan Vally, Associate Professor at La Trobe University in his published article at ‘’:


Cardiovascular Disease

Heart problems are found to be with the highest death rate of 10.5%. Complications might lead to heart attacks and the collapse of vital organs.

Heart Diseases


At a death rate of 7.3%, Diabetes is also considered a high-risk condition as it provides an ideal environment for viruses to thrive in (caused by the rise in sugar levels). At the same time, diabetes weakens immune functions, therefore making it more difficult to fight off viral infections.


Chronic Respiratory Illness

Asthma and Lung disease stand at a death rate of 6.3%. This is the result of the virus’ direct encounter with already inflamed airways.



High blood pressure follows at a 6% death rate. Chronic Stress and Anxiety are a strong catalyst for the breakdown of our immune system.



At 5.6% death rate, several types of cancer and treatments (chemotherapy) are known to weaken the immune system and ultimately increase the risk of dying from complications caused by organ failure.


As more information is revealed and shared worldwide amongst top physicians and medical experts, the better we are at understanding how to prevent exposure to the Corona virus that can ultimately become lethal to our elders. In the case of confirmed existing infection and apparent symptoms, we know more today on how to reduce those symptoms to the point of constraining the virus both naturally and effectively.



CBD has a very specific action on immune cells: it reduces their number and their reactive nature but most importantly it controls the production of inflammatory Cytokine Hormones to keep all internal organs at Homeostasis (A dynamic state of Equilibrium / Optimal functioning of internal organs).

Dr. Philip Blair, a CBD and Cannabis Treatment specialist, recently mentioned the following when addressing viral infections such as the Corona virus:

“CBD appears to permanently reduce susceptibility to all types of viral infections. Perhaps this is due to the improvement of membrane impermeability and immune defense functions. All this is based on 5 years of experience with patients.”

With many viral diseases, the symptoms of fatigue can persist for weeks. This is probably a residual inflammatory process for which CBD can be preventive. I also recommend the vaporization of CBD, which serves as an effective way of defending the respiratory system.” (see additional information here)


Based on recent conducted studies, CBD is able to:

– Assist in selectively killing virally infected cells

– Calm the immune hyper-response, especially in the lungs

– Increase the production of immune substances that are depleted due to the virus’ destructive effect.


As more and more of the world’s population is exposed to the Corona virus, it is most advisable to take precautionary measures by starting to use preventive products now. Click here for more on that.


* Remember to consult your doctor about correct usage and recommended quantities.