CBD Guide to Wellness


CBD comes in many Forms, Shapes, Sizes, Mixtures, and Dosages. The following includes all the possible ways you can consume CBD, from the fastest absorbed and effected to the slowest. Consider this a guide that will help you decide which of them best suits your needs.


CBD Vape Concentrates and Vaporizers
Inhalation is the fastest and most popular method of CBD consumption since the substance is absorbed through the lungs directly into the bloodstream. This allows the felt effects to be almost instantaneous. Similar to e-liquids (Nicotine based), CBD concentrates are custom made for the sole purpose of vaping.


CBD Tinctures

A tincture is a highly concentrated extract. It is made by soaking the herbs of the plant in high proof alcohol for a long period of time. Tinctures are taken by placing very few drops under the tongue for fast absorption and almost immediate effect. 



CBD Oil is produced by extracting the CBD compound from the Cannabis plant and diluting it with a Carrier Oil made from Almonds, Coconuts, Olives, Avocado etc. The most popular ways of absorbing it is under the tongue, in a drink or as part of a salad’s dressings. It is not to be confused with Hemp Seed Oil. The latter is produced by pressing the Hemp Seed and is commonly used in Hair Masks, Shampoos and Massage Oils.


CBD Isolates (Concentrates)

An Isolate is the purest form of the CBD substance that has been extracted from its source and processed to remove all other natural substances (such as Wax and Chlorophyll). The end result is refined either into a powder or a solution. Since Isolates have no color nor flavor, they can be used similarly to tinctures (taken orally) and as a Dietary Supplement. 


CBD Edibles

Edibles are various types of foods that contain CBD. The latest ventures come in the form of Brownies, Ice Cream (by Ben & Jerry’s), Gummies and Beverages (by Coca Cola). CBD Edibles are becoming widely available due to the credibility given to CBD by the medical community, researchers and legislators who support it which translates into high demand by consumers for a tasty treat that is so much more.


CBD Topical Formulations

A CBD topical formulation is a Lotion / Gel / Cream / Salve / Ointment that is made to be rubbed into and absorbed by the skin. Topical formulations can act as pain relief solutions that are meant to be applied directly onto inflamed or painful areas for localized relief, or cosmetic solutions that aid in treating various skin conditions and preserve the skin’s natural PH levels.


CBD Patches

Patches are yet another method for CBD absorption through the skin. They are much like pain relief patches or nicotine patches with a distinctive additive – the CBD substance. Patches are well known for their gradual release of the active ingredient/s into the body over the course of several hours. In cases where mild, consistent dosages need to be administered or simply for convenience purposes, CBD patches are the recommended solution. 


CBD Capsules

Capsules are an extremely common and convenient way to orally administer a specific dosage of the CBD substance. Capsules mostly come as soft gels for faster absorption through the Digestive System as it can take roughly 30 minutes before the effects become noticeable. Since capsules are both familiar (Medications, Vitamins, Dietary Supplements) and easy to use, most people prefer them over other methods of intake. 

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