Living in the Fast Lane

The world has gone through significant changes in the past two decades. Both Technological and Communication advancements turned us into a global community where information from the far reaches of the earth is now available at a click of a button. The internet (with the help of Smartphones) is mostly responsible for that and as we speak more and more Satellites are placed into orbit around the earth to bring connectivity to every person on this planet. We are living in a fast pace environment where new discoveries are announced almost daily.

As exciting as it may sound, information technology, like any other tool can harm both our Physical and Mental health once it is over used or over consumed. Filtering that streaming “noise” is essential to maintain our mental health. Limiting the use of our smart phones and long hours of staring at screens is the key ingredient to a healthier mind and body since harmful radiation (the by-product) is surrounding us at all times, now more than ever. The effects of such radiation will be known to us only in the next couple of decades, unfortunately. We already know that Cancerous Tumors a.k.a Malignancy, Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression and Stress are all side effects to our rapid development as a species.

I Strongly believe that, on one hand, ignorance can sometimes be a bliss. However, shutting your eyes completely or placing your head in the sand won’t make the problem go away, if in fact there is a problem. Tackling it is the best way of dealing with it and with the tension that surrounds it to begin with.

I recently heard a wise person speak about the fact that Tension, Stress and Anxiety are causing real physical damage (through the strong connection between our Mind and Body). He then addressed simple set of questions to the audience:
Do you have a problem?
Assuming of course most people do, his next questions was:
Can you do something about it?
Whether your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ his response was the same:
Why worry then?!

How simple is that? And yet most of us do worry. Being worried, to an extent, is a good thing. It keeps us alert and present. What he meant to reveal was that worrying about what we can’t control is redundant and unhealthy.

Information Technology boosted rapid advancements in Medicine as well. The more we investigated, the more we realized that natural substances hidden in plants and roots provide healthier to consume, effective solutions to our everyday illnesses with negligible side effects than synthetic drugs manufactured in labs.

Finding that balance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient to assuring both our survival and growth on this planet and beyond.



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