What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a supplement that contains Medium-length Chains of saturated fatty acids known as Triglycerides. These chains are rapidly digested while disbursing Energy (!) which is the exact reason why many health benefits are linked to MCT and its break down process, i.e. the way our body processes these fats.

Health Benefits

The list is vast when it comes to health benefits:

  • Healthy Weight as a result of an increase in the Metabolic process
  • Available Energy to fuel your Mind and Body 
  • Immunity Enhancement
  • Reduction of Lactation after workouts
  • Control over Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes Support Management)
  • Low Cholesterol levels that reduce the risk of Heart Diseases
  • Prevention and reduction of Yeast Infection & Bacterial Growth 
  • Managing and treating Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s DiseaseAutism

What is the Role of MCT Oil in CBD Products?

CBD is widely consumed in the form of tablets and soft gels. These are the most familiar and easy methods of delivery. Ingesting CBD this way takes longer for the effect to show as it is slower than other methods such as vaping. This is because CBD must first pass through the digestive tract and liver before reaching the bloodstream.

This is where MCT oil steps in. MCT oil acts as a carrier for CBD. It helps CBD completely avoid the first pass metabolism process so more of the beneficial Cannabinoids end up reaching the bloodstream. Since CBD and other cannabinoids are fat soluble, they are most effective when taken with saturated fats, such as MCT oils. Blending MCT & CBD Oil is done specifically to increase the bio-availability of CBD. 

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