Scientific Research & Preliminary Lab Results suggest that CBD boosts Metabolism & Reduces Food Consumption

Numerous studies currently taking place worldwide already provide preliminary results that suggest strong likelihood that CBD can reduce food intake and boost metabolism all at the same time, which could in fact, promote Weight Loss.

Looking at animal studies there is a clear indication that CBD affects weight by interacting with both CB1 and CB2 receptors that exist in lymphoid tissue and our brain. These receptors are believed to play important roles when it comes to our metabolism and the amount of food we consume on a daily basis.

CBD Promotes Significantly in the Process of ‘Browning’ Fat Cells

In order to recommend CBD for weight management, we must first understand how our body functions in relation to fat and its major duties inside our bodies.

There are two types of fat cells that exist in our bodies: White and Brown.

White fat cells are the principal form. They are directly responsible for both storing energy and supplying it whenever needed. Other extremely important major functions that they hold are insulating and cushioning our body’s’ organs. White fat cells are the type of fat that’s mostly associated with chronic illnesses — such as Heart Disease (caused by Clogged arteries) and Diabetes once they are accumulated in excess.

Brown fat cells, on the other hand are responsible for generating heat by burning calories. Healthy individuals with normal (proportionate) weight tend to have more Brown fat cells than overweight individuals.

There are a few ways that one can convert White fat cells into Brown. The most common and recommended one is Exercise. The more (within your physical boundaries) the better, in particularly lifting heavy loads (weight training) and cardiovascular activities (running, swimming etc.)

Getting adequate amount of Sleep (roughly 7-8 hours per night) is also a crucial aspect of keeping your metabolism high and converting White fat cells into Brown. Eating plenty of Proteins, drinking plenty of cold water and making sure your body is exposed to cold temperatures as often as possible are also significant ways in inducing higher metabolism which in return aid in converting white fat cells into brown.

Interestingly enough, research now shows that CBD can help this process.

After conducting a test-tube study, researchers discovered that CBD led to the process of “ Browning” in White fat cells and heightened the expression of specific genes and proteins that promote the creation of more Brown fat cells.

As always additional human research on a large scale is only adequate to confirm these outcomes and its legitimacy as a true remedy. Researchers agree today that Cannabinoids as a whole, including CBD have the ability to affect our Appetite (cravings), Metabolism and other Weight-related bodily functions.

Stress Management

Let’s start by defining what Stress really is: “a feeling of Emotional, Mental and Physical tension.” It can come from any event that you may experience or even a thought that comes to mind about past or future events that makes you feel either frustrated, angry and/or nervous.

Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge, confrontation or demand.

We all experience Stress on so many levels throughout our life time. Stress is important at times since It brings to our attention the need to resolve a difficult or even a dangerous situation on one hand, or, on the other hand, avoid it completely (Fight or Flight mechanism). In our everyday life, Stress, in general is known to be the silent killer. A demanding job, deadlines to meet, children to raise, constant arguments with your spouse can all be expressed by Chronic tension, meaning it can build up for long periods of time and sneak up on you when you least expect it to. Our body isn’t designed to handle a continuous state of panic. Such an accumulation of stress and anxiety over time forces our body to release the Cortisol Hormone which, in high quantities can lead to Brain Seizures – due to damage derived from changes in our Brain’s chemistry, Cardiac Arrests (Heart Failure) and other potential life-threatening conditions that we will bring up a bit later on.

However, in short bursts, stress can be lifesaving, such as when your body alerts you from a great danger, motivates you to meet an important deadline and help you overcome the fear of failure.

There is a direct connection between the way we feel (emotionally) and how our body responds on a physical level. That is why, in addition to CBD supplements, we also recommend to include in your daily routine, holistic exercises such as Yoga and Meditation.

Modern pharmaceuticals rarely deal with the source of the problem. They mostly ease the symptoms while leaving the body to do the heavy lifting. Unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD is not addictive in anyway, so you won’t feel any regression. If anything, it is directly correlated to our body (We actually possess Cannabinoid receptors that are a part of our Endocannabinoid System). CBD is the perfect, natural solution to some of the most common and lethal health issues we are now struggling with – like Depression, Weight gain, Vulnerable and dysfunctional Immune System, Digestive issues, Fatigue, Headaches and Muscular tension.

CBD products are already being used as anti-anxiety supplements since they are backed with convincing research. But, there’s still a long way to go. Several clinical trials with humans are currently underway, but there is already strong evidence of CBD’s usefulness for Social and General Anxiety disorders such as Panic, OCD and PTSD.

The good news? If you’re constantly stressed and suffer from any of these problems, treatment with CBD extracts can help your symptoms improve to the point where your condition is a distant memory.

The Way CBD Fights Anxiety

Clinical studies currently show that CBD counters both Stress and Anxiety by stimulating the neurotransmitter systems in our body to induce Neural Regeneration. So, in essence, CBD enhances connectivity among neural transmitters in our brain to the point where Regeneration can take place. Such a process of stimulating neural growth is vital to combat brain damage caused by trauma and aging. 

CBD restores balance to our Endocannabinoids System by naturally producing just the right amount of cannabinoids that are then absorbed via several receptors throughout our body. Such balance gets disrupted due to continuous stress and anxiety. Our mere survival is dependent upon our minds’ decision to either repress traumatic situations or use them to draw the right conclusions and avoid past mistakes. It is at this point where CBD comes in handy.

Lastly, CBD aids in the production of the Serotonin Hormone, which has a major role in Anxiety reduction (at the right levels of course; too little or too much can be equally harmful). It has more than a dozen of different receptors, where at least one is known to have the strongest role in treating both Anxiety and Stress disorders.